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Artist in Kansas city

About the Artist 

Growing up immigrant

Life has a way of being unconventional, growing up I knew very well the risks my parents were taking each morning as they drove to work. I admire their bravery and efforts to provide a better life than the ones they knew in their home countries. My work in many ways is a reflection of the life they've provided.

Beginning to understand

As I've grown, and explored the purpose art has in my life, I've come to understand my own work.

I explore colors and imagery that relates to my Latin American heritage and I discover how the viewer's subjective perspective changes the experience of my work. Individually there is a different version of my work in each person that participates. It may be a simple theory but there is much depth yet to be explored. The human experience is full of beauty and wretchedness, we become so accustomed to it it's numbing, I seek to overcome that numbness I seek a true understanding of human nature, history and I intend to continue to express myself through these evolving stories. 

Tell me what you think so I can begin to understand.


I explore the human experience through my paintings and stories.
From childhood memories to abstract emotions of fear, peace, and losing innocence

Alicia Syomara Granados Rodriguez

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